All about lion dance

Lion dance is nothing but the traditional dance which came from the Chinese culture. In some places they are mistakenly denoted as snake dance. But actually they are lion dance. Even though their origin is China, they are quite famous in many Asian countries. As the name indicates in this dance the lion’s movement will be mimicked by the performers. Even though these dances bring great enjoyment, they are believed to bring good luck and fortune. This is the reason why this dance is performed before starting any good occasion. For example they are performed during marriage, business opening and during many other special events. Especially this kind of dance is very popular in Malaysia. This dance will definitely be a part in all their special events.

lion dance

Lion dance – types

There are basically two types of lion dance. This include northern and southern lion dance. Apart from these, there are also some local forms of lion dances. There will be some difference in the appearances in each types of dance. The northern lion dance will be performed by male and female lions. While considering southern lion dance, it has a single horn and it was originated from Guangdong.


It is to be noted that this dance will be accompanied by music and instruments. Basically drums and gongs will be used in order to increase the interest of this dance to a greater extent. The performers will dance according to the music played in the background. Today, many other advanced musical instruments are being used in order to impress the viewers to a greater extent.


The costumes for this dance will be more interesting than they sound to be. Many interesting colors will be used in order to make this costume at the best. There are many specialty craft shops where these costumes are being made. And these costumes are also exported to other nations around the world.

Lion dance troupe

People who want a lion dance performance for their events, can book the lion dance troupe. The Lion Dance Singapore can be booked easily through online. These troupes are well trained and they are quite famous in and around Singapore. Hence people who need to drag luck and fortune by their side can prefer to book this troupe in advance. These troupes will provide the best performance according to the needs and requirements of their clients.