Select the Swanky Wedding Photographer – What is Their Attitude?

WeddingReading the title of This article you are most likely wondering what mindset has to do with photography or your wedding to my thinking a lot! The Wedding Press, Wedding Blogs and Photographers web sites are filled with information about choosing your photographer. The Press and Wedding Website writers will highlight such as carefully looking at previous weddings they have shot, taking a look at the quality of Albums they market, carefully thinking about the price tag, looking at ways of reducing the cost, requesting a free engagement shoot, or requesting a disk only shoot and creating your own Album etc. While Photographers website will wax lyrically about their credentials with a professional body, their insurance policy level, what their bundles include, how many hours they will spend with you, how low their cost is or justifying how large their cost is!

Although all of the Above are valid methods of looking for your Wedding Photographer it is sensible to check at these tangibles before describing why Attitude is critically important in your selection.

  • Previous Wedding Pictures – For sure any Photographer is just going to show you his very best work in print, firstly because it would be insanity to show you bad or average work and secondly the expense of producing multiple sample records is prohibitive.
  • Looking at Album Quality – Sample Album quality is directly relational to cost up to a point. A photographer who appreciates his job and puts time and effort into properly processing your pictures will only use top quality Albums from recognized Album Printers. Why would someone who appreciates their own work provide you with a inexpensive coffee table book from a mass market manufacturer.
  • Look at ways to decrease cost – If you will need to decrease cost at your wedding you will need to reduce it across the board. There’s a price point for amateurs below which it does not make economic sense to work – but you will always find some who will if you do not appreciate the photographic memories. Few Photographers can locate weddings to take 5 days per week 48 months of the year, then there’s the time needed in addition to a Wedding for meetings with the Bride and Groom, processing the pictures, transfer to and from the wedding, insurance and let us not forget gear.
  • Free Engagement Shoot – Well done you receive something at no cost, if a photographer is ready to do it for free then he’s worked it into his cost already or he’s made the decision that you have booked and paid the deposit if you do not get on with him and cancel after the engagement shoot he’s your deposit.
  • Disc Just – there’s a market for shoot to Disc but for the wedding photographer Edinburgh it depends on high quantity of weddings annually on this single bundle. It is often preferred by new start up photographers as a means of quickly building up a variety of weddings. Let us be fair 40 weddings annually at $500 is not a bad supplement to a full time income but would not cover the costs of a full time business. If anyone did a study of these Brides opting for Disc Just Photography I’m sure it would demonstrate that less than 20% ever have some of those pictures printed, they simply wind up on social networking.