What Pheromones Do For Humans

Pheromones are there for both of you to tell whether your genes vary enough to be attracted to each other. Learn more at

An Introduction to Pheromones

I suppose I should start by explaining what copulins and pheromones are.

They are chemical messengers released by men and women to attract the opposite sex. There was a particular study done on copulins in the 1970s that found that when men were exposed to them that their testosterone rose over 150% in under 10 minutes. When their levels were this high their ability to ignore women was compromised. This is the advantage of wearing pheromones like Pherazone.

As you age your pheromone levels decrease. We get a certain amount of women who date men with low testosterone. Women believe wearing Pherazone will raise their testosterone levels. In men who are not healthy, it might not make a huge difference in increasing attraction. The reason most men have dating problems is a lack of confidence as well as chemical exposure.

Natural Pheromone Production

Testosterone is a male hormone and that’s what makes a man a man. With low testosterone, we have a low sex drive. Our men are being devastated and feminized. We have chemicals used in food plants that kill our hormone and pheromone levels. We have phytoestrogens which are found in soy which can also hurt masculinity. I would suggest dinging your own research. Be responsible for your health and if you want copulins to raise your man’s testosterone levels then use the highest concentrations of pheromones. The pharmaceutical attractants are not healthy for you either. If you don’t go out and try to meet women you will lose your confidence and masculine edge. This is why using sexual attractant can help you sleep with more women.

Pheromone Problems

We have a certain number of guys who use alpha pheromones and become nervous and aggressive. Even if it’s not a super alpha product in hopes of attracting your wife you may experience turmoil. Some people think Pherazone should have warning labels because it has so much androstenone. It happens to 1/1,000 guys who feel extreme anxiety and become aggressive. Learn more at


What I think is happening is because our alpha pheromone production is directly related to testosterone levels. These guys are identifying them as attractants. If you are already high testosterone and your already producing alpha pheromones than you may even find it attractive. If you are not you will get this anxiousness.

One sniff and you will spin your head around. It literally makes you aggressive with the uncontrollable reaction. If I were alpha, I would truly enjoy it. You may have some problems with it which is perfect for the subject of sexual attraction. It will go away which is great. I work and I feel that wearing it every day is the way to go.